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German-Austrian Conference „Big Data in der Amtsstube“

 At February, 24, 2017, Tilman Rabl, scientific coordinator of the BBDC, gave the keynote at the conference ”Big Data in der Amtsstube“ (Big Data in the public sector) at the Austrian embassy.

The meeting showed how administrative work can improve by big data technologies to achieve more effectivity and efficiency in this area.

The variety of the twelve presented projects showed that in some cases big data has already reached offices. However, the talks and panels states that a number of important tasks need to be addressed, in the future. The technologies must develop in the fields where they are usefully, legally compliant, and bring benefits to citizens, economy, and administration.

The discussion showed that the public sector cannot master all tasks alone. Efforts should be done jointly with partners from economy and science; and the participants of this event consider a continuation of the dialogue desirable for the future. The event set the starting point for further cooperation of Germany and Austria in E-Government.

A film of this day is available (in German):