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Darwinian evolution: 3 implementations of snapshot isolation in SAP HANA

Andrei Mihnea, SAP

08-Feb-2017 , 2 pm

Abstract: The talk quickly presents the HANA column store, then focuses on 3 historical version of snapshot isolation implementation, presenting for each what was working well and why we evolved to the next one.

Bio: MS in computer science in 1988; the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute, Automatic Control and Computers engineering school; Prof. Cristian Giumale DEA in Machine Learning in 1990; Universite Paris 6; Prof. Jean-Gabriel Ganascia Joined Sybase in 1993; currently working at SAP, which has acquired Sybase in 2010.

Worked on the core engine of several RDBMs (Sybase ASE and IQ; SAP HANA): query optimization, Abstract Plans (optimizer hints), query compilation and execution, eager-lazy aggregation, shared-disk and shared-nothing scale-out. Current focus: database stores (in-memory and on-disk, row and column oriented), transaction processing, data lifecycle.