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A Look Back at the Streamline Hackathon

Preceding the 3rd Joint International BBDC and ScaDS Summer School for Big Data a joint hackathon sponsored by the STREAMLINE project, DFKI, and the summer school took place from August 19th-20th at Fakultät für Mathematik of TU Munich.

38 students and practitioners from across Europe participated in the hackathon. During the two days, the participants learnt about fundamentals of building real-time data analytics pipelines based on Apache Flink and Apache Spark. In the open coding session, the participants implemented their ideas using the frameworks. The challenge was to pick one or more real-time data sources, either provided by the samples or self-chosen data sources, and build real-time analytics, which improve strategic planning or decision making.

Nine teams consisting of three to four members each submitted their project. The hackathon evaluation committee carefully discussed all the submitted projects considering criteria such as idea, presentation, implementation aspects and demonstration. At the end, the committee decided to give prizes to the following teams:



1st Prize

Team 10: Teodora Petrisor, Cui Daojun, Jan Strohschein

Global Mood Visualizer: Visualize the tone of the news on a worldmap by day and country as the stream of events arrives

2nd Prize

Team 5: Dieter Capek, Martin Ruminy, Martin Meinhold

France in the News: Investigate all public statements made on France and visualize tone, location and amount of events.

3rd Prize

Team 2: Christopher Rost, Francisco Matos, Ole Fenske

Tweetylzer: Analyzing all the data from Twitter-API and visualizing based on hashtags or number of use mentions.

3rd Prize

Team 9: Daniel Kocher, Willi Mann, Andreas Gocht, Alejandro Monte

News Tone analysis: GDELT DataSet to find the gravity in tone of the different newspapers for selected countries.

The first and second prizes amounted to 1500 € and 1000 €, respectively. The third prize was shared between Team 2 and Team 9 and each team received 250 €.


The links to the solutions of the winner teams are as follows: Mood Visualizer [1], France in the News [2], Tweetylzer [3] and Tone analysis [4].