Our  Mission is to perform groundbreaking research and development, to train the "data scientists" of tomorrow and to create solutions that facilitate the deep analysis of massive amounts of heterogeneous data sets and streams at high velocity."


In order to optimally prepare industry, science and the society in Germany and Europe for the global Big Data trend, highly coordinated activities in research, teaching, and technology transfer regarding the integration of data analysis methods and scalable data processing are required. To achieve this, the Berlin Big Data Center is pursuing the following seven objectives:

  1. Pooling expertise in scalable data management, data analytics, and big data application
  2. Conducting fundamental research to develop novel and automatically scalable technologies capable of performing “Deep Analysis” of “Big Data”.
  3. Developing an integrated, declarative, highly scalable open-source system that enables the specification, automatic optimization, parallelization and hardware adaptation, and fault-tolerant, efficient execution of advanced data analysis problems, using varying methods (e.g., drawn from machine learning, linear algebra, statistics and probability theory, computational linguistics, or signal processing), leveraging our work on Apache Flink
  4. Transfering technology and know-how to support innovation in companies and startups.
  5. Educating data scientists with respect to the five big data dimensions (i.e., applications, economic, legal, social, and technological) via leading educational programs.
  6. Empowering people to leverage “Smart Data”, i.e., to discover newfound information based on their massive data sets.
  7. Enabling the general public to conduct sound data-driven decision-making.


Data Analytics Lab


Big Data Management, BigDaMa

Complex and Distributed IT Systems, CIT

Database Systems and Information Management, DIMA

Internet Network Architectures, INET

Media Technology, Media Technology

Machine Learning, ML

Open Distributed Sytems, ODS

Security in Telecommunications, SecT



Language Technology Lab, LT

Intelligent Analysis of Mass Data Lab, IAM



Parallel and Distributed Computing, DAS

Mathematics for Life and Materials Sciences, MfLMS




Systems Pathology, Klauschen Lab





Institute of System Security, IoSS



The project "BBDC, Berlin Big Data Center" was suggested for funding within the scope of announcement "competence center for intelligent handling of huge amount of data (Big Data)" at 20th of February 2013 as one of two big data competence centers in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has set itself the goal of supporting the research for the intelligent use of large, heterogeneous amounts of data in Germany and specifically promotes the "Berlin Big Data Center".

BBDC I Funding mark:  01IS14013A

BBDC II Funding mark: 01IS18025A

Within the scope of BBDC the two projects "Smart Data for Mobility (SD4M)" and Smart Data Web (SDW) will be performed. They will be fundet by BMWi within the scope of announcement Smart Data - Innovation by Data.

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We thank IBM for hardware and software equipment.

We thank Oracle for the support of the BBDC.